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Welcome and Thank you for visiting
I am here to offer my help and advise.
 You are welcome to visit one of my two offices either in raleigh or Ft lauderdale  you may even set up a psychic or tarot card reading by phone using this site.

do you have problems with your love life?

do you want to know if your spouse is faithfull?

 is the person you are with your soulmate?

Are you worried or confused about your future?

do you need help and advise with issues in your life such as

    * Career

    * family

    * health

I have 20 years experience helping people find solutions to their problems and gaining insight into their lives

Psychic Readings By Rachel
Would you like to know what the future holds for you? 
please feel free to call
(919) 600-2146 
Raleigh office